The EASY Brand Marketing Program (An Overview)

About a year ago, I start SSS for Success (EASY Brand Marketing Specialists), in order to help Small Businesses Survive through EASY Sales, where the acronym EASY represents my company’s ability to help small businesses: Establish the profile of their “ideal customer“; Analyze products and services to tailor them for the “ideal customer“; Secure the most effective ways to build and maintain customer relationships; and finally Yield an enhanced brand that increases sales by attracting more customers and repeat business.

I’m Kindra Cotton by the way, the Creator of the EASY Brand Marketing Program, and I thank you for reading my very first blog post on the SSS for Success Blog.

I started SSS for Success (EASY Brand Marketing Specialists) because I saw a true need for the varied services that became part of the EASY Brand Marketing Program.

Using our specially designed EASY Brand Marketing Program, we help Small Business Survive through EASY Sales, as our EASY Brand Marketing Specialists have several years of experience in entrepreneurial business consulting, information technology, small business management & administration, and market research & evaluation.

We leverage these areas of expertise to provide small business market research, web & graphic design services, and digital marketing & online branding solutions.

We provide a variety of Services for small businesses and individuals in search of personal branding solutions, as our mission is to help small businesses increase sales and enhance their relationships with their customers by strengthening their company’s brand.  

Our services are tailored to each business with the goal of helping them obtain EASY Sales.  We offer: Market Research, Social Media & Technology Consulting, Web Development & Site Maintenance, and Search Engine Optimization, all with the objective of bringing you more business through your enhanced brand.

We’re currently offering a “Showcase Special” for a limited time, where in exchange for allowing us to Showcase the completed work we’ve done for your company and use you as a reference for new clients for one year, we will provide the full range of our services at a specially-reduced rate!

For more information, please visit our website, Contact Us through our Contact page on the website, or finding us on Twitter (@sss4success). 

If you would like to learn more about how EASY Sales can help your bottom line, then give us a call at 615-336-4325. 

Have a great day!

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