The Trend Towards Trust

Even if you don’t do business on the Internet, I’m sure you’ve observed the trend of ignoring advertising.  I know personally, I consider myself impervious to ads on the web, as well as on radio and TV, unless I’m specifically looking to buy AND I am in search of a great deal like the ones offered at

Over the MANY years that I’ve been on the Internet, I can honestly say I’ve never earnestly clicked those ubiquitous ads that appear all along the top and sides of the organic search results (like the ones pictured below):

In fact, research shows that an estimated 70% of all traffic received from search engines occurs from the non-paid results, and I can personally attest to this as a Google Adwords account holder and Ethical Search Engine Marketer, where I found that paying for traffic only resulted in me giving Google money.

Of course, all paid online advertising isn’t bad, but my point is this:  In a time where cynicism and “advertising apathy” exists, “trust” becomes the currency of the champions who will survive and live to fight another day!

I wish I could take credit for the aforementioned concept (though I am staking claim to the “advertising apathy” part, just in case someone hasn’t snapped that up yet), but the idea was something that was made crystal clear to me while reading Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.  In it, the authors talk about the importance of building trust and promoting transparency and integrity in dealing with people online.

Of course this has implications in the offline world too, and that’s why I’ve titled this post “The Trend Towards Trust“.  This kind of seems like one of those “a-ha moments” that you have when you realize something for the first time, then quickly realize you already knew it, but had forgotten!

We buy things from people we trust; We listen to people we trust; We trust that when people are genuine and sincere in interacting with us, that we can believe what they say, and trust that they’re recommendations are actually going to help us.  After having my “trust trends epiphany”, I decided to “walk the walk and talk the talk” by building trust among my audience and potential clients.  I recently started blogging and podcasting, and I’m exploring a the possibility of producing a regular SSS for Success (EASY Brand Marketing) Newsletter.

I’m also opening the door to two-way communication by inviting anyone reading this to leave their comments and reach out to me via any of the methods listed below:

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