The Trend Towards Trust

Even if you don’t do business on the Internet, I’m sure you’ve observed the trend of ignoring advertising.  I know personally, I consider myself impervious to ads on the web, as well as on radio and TV, unless I’m specifically looking to buy AND I am in search of a great deal like the ones offered at

Over the MANY years that I’ve been on the Internet, I can honestly say I’ve never earnestly clicked those ubiquitous ads that appear all along the top and sides of the organic search results (like the ones pictured below):

In fact, research shows that an estimated 70% of all traffic received from search engines occurs from the non-paid results, and I can personally attest to this as a Google Adwords account holder and Ethical Search Engine Marketer, where I found that paying for traffic only resulted in me giving Google money.

Of course, all paid online advertising isn’t bad, but my point is this:  In a time where cynicism and “advertising apathy” exists, “trust” becomes the currency of the champions who will survive and live to fight another day!

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