The Basics of Branding and Why Anyone Can Do It

Hello and Welcome to the second blog post and podcast for Small Business EASY Branding Tips.  Brought to you by SSS for Success (EASY Brand Marketing Specialists), working to help Small Businesses Survive through EASY Sales, where the acronym EASY represents our company’s ability to help small businesses: Establish the profile of their “ideal customer“; Analyze products & services to tailor them for the “ideal customer“; Secure the most effective ways to build and maintain customer relationships; and finally Yield an enhanced brand that increases sales by attracting more customers and repeat business.  

As the creator of the EASY Brand Marketing Program, and I thank you for reading this blog and listening to our podcast series.  I started SSS for Success (EASY Brand Marketing Specialists) because I saw a true need for the varied services that became part of the EASY Brand Marketing Program.  

As I got out and talked to people about what I do, I found that people who worked in places that sought to help small business owners, like Small Business Development Centers and Business Incubation Centers got what I was doing, but when I talked to small business owners themselves, I would often receive the “deer in headlights” look or a blank stare that told me that I needed to spend more time actually educating small biz owners on the need for branding (especially in the early stages) and how each of the steps of the EASY Brand Marketing Program are actually cost effective in the long- and short-term.  I also wanted to show how the results of incorporating the program early on actually improves your business because it brings you the increased sales that you need to help you stay in business for a long time to come. 

I decided to create this podcast series, because I wanted a platform to share weekly EASY Brand Marketing Tips, and hopefully help small business owners in the process.  This week’s podcast is titled “The Basics of Branding and Why Anyone Can Do It”.  (You can CLICK HERE to read the Transcript by scrolling down to “Episode 2).  

In this week’s podcast, I get into the specifics of what I like to call “the 4 Step Common Sense Branding Strategy” and I talk about what I think most small business owners should be aware of when seeking to create, build, and enhance their company’s brand:
  • Step 1: Determining & Defining Your Brand. 
  • Step 2: Researching Your Market and Positioning Your Brand to Capitalize on a Sector of it. 
  • Step 3: Launching Your Brand. 
  • Step 4: Managing, Monitoring & Tweaking Your Brand. 

I’m certain that there are very high-powered and high-priced brand marketing strategists and specialists all around who’ll argue against that title blog post/podcast, and its basic assumption that anyone can do it, but arguing that point is not what I’m here for.  I’m not a brand marketing strategist with “20 years experience at one of the largest ad firms in the nation“, or anything that would make other people’s heads start spinning with impressive titles and a litany of brand names they’ve worked for whose names we all know and love.

What I am is a person who is passionate about small businesses, and the steps that they need to take to stay in business so that one day they’ll be able to hire the big fancy expensive brand strategists when they’re ready to go to the next level.  I like to focus on the smaller, logical, and economical things that small business owners can do, based off of a few relatively simple steps that can insure long-term survival!

I like taking a more “common sense approach” to some of the things falling by the wayside within small businesses, unfortunately making them not all that “common” any more.  As an entrepreneur, I see a need in the market, and I’m seeking to fill it.

Those 4 Steps are a part of the “Common Sense Branding Strategy” I came up with, and while the concepts are “new”, how they’re applied and when is key.  I think these are 4 Steps that ANYONE could take to build their brand, and while it does involve a lot of work, it should be work that’s complimentary to what you’re trying to do within your business, so its hard work that’s well worth it.

Knowing the struggles and challenges that small business owners face, not just in being the experts that they are in their respective fields, but also having to be an “expert” in the administrative tasks in running a business, I created the EASY Brand Marketing Program to help small business owners address some of those “Common Sense Branding Steps”.  I believe in the EASY Brand Marketing Program, not just because I created, but because I know that it fills a need within the market of small businesses, and I feel that I’m the one with the brand that can help fill that need! 

Just about everyone has something of value that they can share with you, if you’re willing to listen.  So, I thank you for listening to me, and I hope you’re finding some value in my words. 

I invite you to leave comments below on this blog, visit our website, reach out to us via email at “podcasts @”, or finding us on Twitter (@sss4success).

And if, by chance, you would like to learn more about how EASY Sales can help your bottom line, then give us a call at 615-336-4325. 

Thanks again for listening and have a great day!

Kindra Cotton

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