How to Build Traffic and Enhance a brand with EASY Newsletters

Hello and welcome to the podcast for Small Business EASY Branding Tips.  Brought to you by SSS for Success (EASY Brand Marketing Specialists), working to help Small Businesses Survive through EASY Sales. 

This week’s topic is: “How to Build Traffic and Enhance a brand with EASY Newsletters”.  In a previous post, I talked about “The Basics of Branding and Why Anyone Can Do It”.  In that post, I detailed the 4-Step Common Sense Branding Strategy that I think most small business owners should be aware of when seeking to create, build, and enhance their company’s brand.   Those steps were: 1st: Determining & Defining Your Brand. Step 2: Researching Your Market and Positioning Your Brand to Capitalize on a Sector of it. Step 3: Launching Your Brand. Step 4: Managing, Monitoring & Tweaking Your Brand (Note: That’s “tweaking” your brand, meaning make minor revisions, not tweeting your brand, which is more so a function that occurs under Step 3).   In this week’s post, we talk about how to use newsletters and email marketing to build bring traffic either to your blog or to your website, and to enhance your overall brand, so we’ll specifically be talking about Steps 3 and 4. 

There are a number of reasons why creating and disseminating a regular newsletter is important for building traffic and enhancing a brand:

  1. It builds your reputation as an information resource to your core audience, and it lets your audience know that you know what you’re talking about.
  2. It keeps you connected with your audience, and it gives you the opportunity to stay relevant and provide useful information that your audience will appreciate.  
  3. If you sell things, or at one point will want to promote something, it’s a great way to have a “pre-sold” audience who trusts you and your opinions.
  4. It helps you build traffic and enhance your brand, while engaging in activities that help your bottom line. 

Here’s a brief rundown of what I discuss further in this week’s podcast.  Here are the steps you can take to get started with email marketing and producing a newsletter with very little money:  

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