Where SSS for Success and EASY Brand Marketing Specialists Part Ways

Hello and welcome to Small Business EASY Branding Tips and this week’s podcast.  Brought to you by EASY Brand Marketing Specialists, working to help Small Businesses Survive through EASY Sales.

Throughout many of the past 17 weeks, I’ve talked about “The Basics of Branding and Why Anyone Can Do It”, and I detailed the “4-Step Common Sense Branding Strategy” that I think most small business owners should be aware of when seeking to create, build, and enhance their company’s brand.  

Those steps were:  
Step 1: Determining & Defining Your Brand.  
Step 2: Researching Your Market and Positioning Your Brand to Capitalize on a Sector of it.  
Step 3: Launching Your Brand.  
Step 4: Managing, Monitoring & Tweaking Your Brand.  

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk about Step 4, and give a real live example of “tweaking a brand” in action, as SSS for Success separates from EASY Brand Marketing Specialists.

Over time, I’ve found that the need for Specialized Social Media and Tech Consulting is too great for it to continue to remain as just a step with the EASY Brand Marketing Program.  Plus, I’ve found that there are people who just aren’t at the stage where they’re ready for the EASY Brand Marketing Program, and that’s okay.

For this reason, I will branch off SSS for Success into a specialized market that focuses primarily on businesses that are sorely in need of Web 2.0 survival skills, and the great thing about this plan is that eventually, some of those same SSS for Success customer will become EASY Brand Marketing clients!

The EASY Brand Marketing Blog and the EASY Brand Marketing Program will stay the same, as I will continue to churn out regular content that is designed to help small business obtain sales the EASY way!

As a Small Business Branding Tips Blog visitor, you’ll see very few changes, with the exception of some of the contact information that will change, along with a few other minor things.  The content will continue to be fresh, relevant, and useful, and hopefully you’ll continue visiting this blog, and downloading our podcast, as well as taking a look at the re-branded SSS for Success company!

As always, the content of this blog will stay the same, as I continue to educate and show you the way to EASY Sales.  So, if by chance, you would like to learn more about how EASY Sales can help your bottom line, then give us a call at 615-336-4325.

Even though it’s not a “sad” occasion, I couldn’t help but play “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” by Boyz II Men:

Reminder: Within the next few weeks, I’m going to have a podcast episode devoted entirely to questions and answers from you, my listening audience, so please submit your Small Business Branding Questions for that upcoming episode.  You can visit our website easybrandmarketing.info and go to the Contact Us page to submit your question, or reach out to us via email at “podcasts[at]easybrandmarketing.com”.

Also you can submit your feedback about this site here: Small Business Branding Tips Blog Survey.  If you’re a Small Business Owner that has been in business for a while, please fill out this survey.  We’d really appreciate your input on both, if you have the time.

Have a great day!
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By the way, Transcripts are now available upon request.  If you want one, please email us at “transcripts[at]sss4success.com“.


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